It’s all finished except for the picture hanging, which probably won’t happen for awhile. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it myself, preferably, or Bill will have to bring his super drill to put holes in the concrete. Remember what the kitchen looked like when I bought the apartment? You wouldn’t recognize it now. First, all the green is gone. Red is gone, also. Here is my beautiful, new kitchen.

The wall below is calling out for pictures. That’s the next job.

The room behind the infamous wall is mostly set up, again awaiting pictures. It still has five boxes to be moved and emptied. They are waiting for space in the workroom.

The wall I’m not showing you has two bookcases and the five boxes. I felt really good because I was sure I had found all the books and had a couple of empty shelves. Too bad, I found another box. I think I’m finished now; the empty shelves are gone.

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