Finally found that book I was reading

It was exactly where it belonged: on my nightstand, but several other books were piled on top of it. Now if I could just find those earphones. My window shades have arrived and should be installed tomorrow. I never ordered one for the balcony door. It’s awkward, but I think I have to do it.

The chaise is gone. One of my new neighbors came to visit and when I mentioned I was getting rid of it she asked for it. Today, she finally got Bill, the maintenance man, to get it. I’m happy to see it go. Now I just need to move two more pieces of furniture and the picture hanging will begin. I have to figure out where I want each piece and mark the wall. Then Bill will come with his trusty drill. I’ve always done it myself, but with all the concrete here, I am happy to have his help.

Although my workroom is coming along very slowly, it should get much better after the picture hanging. Some of the kitchen cabinets, closets and bookcases need additional attention, and everything needs cleaning. Unfortunately, it’s much dustier here than in my last place.

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