You know what I’ve been doing

I’ve taken time out for classes and yesterday went to the Three Rivers Art Festival and to a film about Chihuly. The rest of the time I’ve been slogging away at the boxes. I think I’m down to about ten boxes, some of which will remain unpacked, but it’s all still very messy and I’m in the catch-22 stage. Remember, before I moved in I brought lots of things from the other apartment, mostly pictures. I put them in closets so they wouldn’t get in the way of the movers. Now I have to put things in the closets but I can’t do that until I remove the pictures; I can’t do that until I can hang them, and I can’t hang them until I can get some of the furniture repositioned. With all of my planning, I didn’t get it right. Now I need two strong me to come and help. Also, I don’t know how difficult all the picture hanging will be because of the concrete walls.

I’ve decided to get rid of my chaise. I’ve been trying to sell it on Craigs list for months, with no results. I now have the Salvation Army coming on June 14. I’ve heard they’re very picky about what they take. I hope this will make the grade. Too bad I moved it. It’s too big for the room.

Perry is supposed to return tomorrow to paint the kitchen. I was originally thinking about a dark orangey-brown, but now I’m thinking about a kind of grayed-blue. I think I’ve made too many decisions; I can’t make up my mind.

5 thoughts on “You know what I’ve been doing

  1. I vote to go with the warmer color. It will warm you in the cold, winter months. Often I switch my living room to reds during the cold days. But I’m probably too late as it’s almost lunch time there.

  2. Ruth:
    I LOVED it!!!
    Trying to empty our basement for French drains installation has us in the same mental frame as your writing. Only thing is, I don’t have the humorous attitude that you portray in your calendar of events. Maybe you can help us (instead of eating in Oakland!) and put your moving aside until we’re finished????
    I’ll fit you into my schedule. If I ever finish watching QueenEliz”s Jubilee that is………

  3. When I get that “too many decisions” state, I know I have to pause and reflect. You’ll make fewer costly mistakes if you take your time. There’s no rush! And if anyone complains, then let them help you out. One thing at a time. As long as you can prepare your food and get to and from the bedroom and the bath, you’re fine.

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