40 Days of Moving: Day 23

I’m celebrating tonight. Ed gave me the name of another place to try. They only sell granite, but no minimums, good prices and I can get the finished piece this week if I want. I didn’t really want granite and it’s still more money than I wanted to spend, but it’s not laminate and it’s less money than all the other alternatives. I selected a shiny, gaudy black and tan stone. Should have taken a picture now that I think about it. I’ll probably go back on Wednesday so maybe I’ll do it then.

Perry has finished painting. He’ll return for the kitchen. The living room floor is finished as is the formerly dark green bedroom. Ed has two or three days work left. The replacement doors need hardware attached and sconces installed in the living room. Kitchen counter has to be removed and florescent lights replaced with track. Medicine chest and shower rod are needed in the bathroom. Floor has to be replaced in small bedroom.

The dishwasher and stove will be delivered on Thursday, cabinets will be painted next Monday and Tuesday. I’ll have the granite counter installed some time next week, Ed has to install the new kitchen floor and butcher block on two other counters, then Perry will return to paint. With any luck it might be finished when I move in: May 24. I’m still packing and getting rid of.

3 thoughts on “40 Days of Moving: Day 23

  1. You sure are my hero. I must tell you, I the dish collector, actually got rid of five sets of dishes when we moved in here. I still have five. Did I really say that? LOL But it was worth the clean out.

  2. Me too, Grace! It’s easy to care for and you can set hot pots straight from the stove on top. As for “gaudy” black, I used a black with blue-green and pearl splashes for my kitchen countertops in Las Vegas. (Later, I found several casinos that used the exact same kind (peacock) in their bathrooms. Even though it spoiled my kitchen by making it seem “gaudier” than originally, I still enjoyed having it rather than the original white tiles. And you know how one room usually sells your house for you? For that house, it was the kitchen! Go figure!

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