40 Days of Moving: Day 24

My Osher classes started up again yesterday, so I spent both yesterday and this morning trying to think about other things. Today was especially good. The professor is great, we are working on the detective in literature.

After lunch I went up to the apartment. It’s very convenient to my classes, which, of course, was the point. Ed and Meg were working on the bedroom floor. The medicine chest and the shower rod were installed, finishing the bathroom. I carefully measured the nooks and crannies in the living room and the master bedroom, trying to determine where to put the furniture without physically dragging it around. I’ve been doing this on the computer but it’s hard to get the scale just right. I need a drafting program.

Robin and I are going to Costco tonight. They have a wonderfully funky looking kitchen faucet that I want to see. It’s also convenient to Lowe’s if I decide it’s too funky.

Thank you all for your kitchen comments. I understand that kitchens sell houses or apartments. That’s what sold my last two places. If it was up to me I’d have a microwave, a toaster oven and the dishwasher; no stove.

5 thoughts on “40 Days of Moving: Day 24

  1. Wishing you wonderful days in your new apartment. It looks great! I so enjoy your blog about the joys, fears, pleasures, and frustrations of daily life.

    Mary Brignano

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