40 Days of Moving: Day 21 and 22

Saturday morning was back to the great counter hunt. Got more info but nothing that helped me make a decision. I’m going to try again tomorrow. I took the afternoon off and went to an interesting presentation at the City of Asylum, a wonderful Pittsburgh group, who gave us insight into Iran from a journalist, a poet and several musicians. It was good to have several hours free from thinking about my move.

Today was a packing day. I’ve been working in the kitchen and it occurred to me I will pack almost the entire kitchen with the exception of 2 shelves of dishes, two partially filled cabinets with dry foodstuffs and a drawer with flatware. I won’t miss any of the other stuff. It’s almost tempting to get rid of it, but I guess I would want it if I have a party. Hard to decide what I really need as opposed to the stuff I’ve just been dragging around with me.

1 thought on “40 Days of Moving: Day 21 and 22

  1. “dragging around with me.” I cannot imagine what my life would be like without all that stuff I’ve been dragging around–from Florida, to Pittsburgh, to Connecticut, to Ohio, to Tennessee, to Nevada, and now Utah. He just keeps hanging around! đŸ˜† However, next time I move, I’m determined to do what you’re doing now–weed out some of the lesser needs, like the big serving dishes I’ll probably never need, the 2nd set of couches (now residing in the basement), etc. Be strong!

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