Welcome to my new neighborhood

So here is the book; the one that didn’t get to the party last weekend. It is a box with three booklets inside.

This is the third box I’ve made. Again, I’m not entirely happy with my craftsmanship, and may try one more time. The box is approximately 3×4.5 inches. Note the lip around the top and bottom of the box.

I think it adds an elegant touch and probably adds strength. It is very difficult to create; two opposing folds 1/8 inch apart. The media distribution box named Burning Box Imager is now a box, again. Inside are three different copies of the Burning Box Imager, my virtual newspaper.

These papers are created from one sheet each. You can get directions here. I used pictures I took in Philadelphia at the Magic Garden, which is near the burned out media box; they remain linked in my mind.

Here you can see the little booklets inside the box. Each booklet has the title on it.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to my new neighborhood

  1. And welcome to WordPress from another WordPresser, Ruthe. I hope you like it here. You certainly are an artist, as this project declares loud and clear. So much work and planning must have gone into this…I’ll go now and reset your link. Be happy word pressing! 😀

  2. Found you and will bookmark you so I can get here again. Hope this place suits you. Your books sweep me away with the creativity and emagination you show building them. Bravo….

    …now I am off to bookmark you.

  3. Ruthe – have been out of the loop but happy to catch you on “MOVING DAY”
    Spent sometime visiting with you 3 am when sleep was just not on the menu.
    Look forward to more of a give and take.

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