New year, old issues

We’ve been trying not to think about this week; now it’s finally here. Robin and Steve go to New York today. On Wednesday she’s scheduled for a few last tests; Thursday she will have the bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction in a ten hour operation. I’m going to New York on Wednesday and will stay with her for as long as she remains in the city. If you don’t remember the why of all this, you can read it here. For more info about the BRCA genes and mutations, just Google.

I don’t intend to write about Robin. It’s her story if she wants to tell it,  I will write about my role and my reactions. I find it almost unbearable when she has to have something done to her. It’s much easier for me to deal with bodily invasions of my own, than watching her undergo anything. There was a bad appendicitis when she was ten, then awful  oral surgery–all very difficult. I just keep my face under control. So I have been unhappy all last month and will continue at least until Thursday night when the surgery part will be over.

I’m almost all packed, paid all my bills, or argued about a couple of them. Nothing like calling the hospital and asking what the charge is all about. Stopped the mail and sent my orchid to a good home (it was given to me last week) and arranged with a neighbor for a ride to the bus tomorrow. I’ll try to keep blogging.

7 thoughts on “New year, old issues

  1. Robin has made a difficult and courageous decision. After tomorrow, I wish for her a sense of relief and peace that comes from waking up on the other side of such a procedure. I’ll be thinking of you both, sending positive healing thoughts your way.

  2. Thanks for letting us know – and yes, please keep us posted if possible (don’t want to add more stress to what is already a stressful time).

    This is indeed hard for both of you. Robin is fortunate to have such wonderful support from you. I hope you feel supported by us, your friends, as well.

  3. We will be with you in spirit. Yes, these surgeries will probably save her life. What a horrific choices that BRAC1 offers. I too react badly when one of my kids get’s injured or ill. I care…….hugs at you. Yes, please keep us posted if you can.

  4. Like Grace, I missed the original too, and am sorry about all these complications to everyone’s life. I’ll be thinking of you and hoping all goes well. And just a reminder, those “days you’ve been dreading” are over sooner than we think. Soon you’ll be able to put the worst parts behind you.

  5. Will be thinking about you and Robin–nothing worse than having tough times happening to your own child.

    Keep us posted–we care about both of you.

  6. Somehow, I missed or blocked out the original blog. I am so sorry to hear about these surgeries that Robin has had and continues to endure. I understand and commiserate with your feelings about her entirely. I’ll be thinking of you and your family. Love you, Grace

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