Moving day

Unfortunately not my apartment–I'm still looking–but this blog. This is my last post on Typepad. The blog will remain here until some time next year, but I am moving to a new studio on WordPress:

Go there now to see the pictures I promised of my recent book creation. Change my bookmark, or subscribe, to keep reading my posts. 

Fat-old-artist, who started this blog, will be no more. I thought I was being funny when I created the name. And it was a unique identifier. I had no idea it had p o r n o graphic implications. My friends yelled at me: I wasn't fat (I was), I wasn't old (ha!). No one questioned my being an artist, but that's where I wasn't so certain. Today, after years of recovery from owning a printing shop and then teaching computer graphics programs, I feel more certain of being an artist. I'm 25 pounds thinner than when the blog began, but now I'm absolutely ancient. So I guess I should be "not-so-fat-ancient-artist." It doesn't have the same ring.

I'll look for you in my new home. Come and visit.

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