Five days in Pittsburgh

and I'm still thinking about New York.  I have several things to show and tell. First, when I went to the street fair in the village I emerged from the subway to see this.

The street was closed to autos and open to bicycles and walkers. There is an event called Saturday Streets and many streets throughout Manhattan are closed. Street fairs also close long stretches of streets. The auto is not king and that is one of the things that most endears Manhattan to me.

Later in the afternoon, after failing to get a ticket to War Horse, I was walking through Columbus Circle and saw a young woman in full ballet costume walking in front of me. She climbed onto the statue in the center of the Circle and took this pose.

Then she was helped down by a waiting young man and danced with him (he didn't really dance) all around the area.

You just never know what will happen right in front of you.

Here are a few more pictures from the HighLine.




1 thought on “Five days in Pittsburgh

  1. Simply wonderful images. Thank you…especially for the dancer.
    Yes, saw an email from you, but I’m still a person with no brain. I shall open it probably in the morning. You will hear great cheers from me tomorrow as I absorb it’s contents….more than I have the brain for now.
    You are a dear…….

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