Farewell New York City, for the moment

I'm sitting on the train going back to Pittsburgh and wishing Shalmit was here with me again to help pass the time. Yesterday was my last full day in NY. I spent the morning tidying the apartment. I don't want to say cleaning because I didn't do much of that, except for the kitchen and bathroom. Also did a load of laundry so I could leave clean linen on the bed.

I met Mary about 2 and we took the subway down to Chinatown where she got her hair cut. It was interesting watching all the goings on in the salon. And it cost half of what I usually pay. If I got to NY more often I might consider changing hairdressers, but I'm not sure they would know what to do with curly hair.

We wandered around the area stopping to eat rice pudding in a place that sold it in about 20 different flavors. I tried several before I finally settled on almond (but no nuts in it). Visited the Museum of the Chinese in America and a shop with wine and other products from Chile; walked through Prada (amazed that they let me in) and finally went to Eataly where Mary had never been and where I wanted to return to get another walnut bread. After a long bus ride up Madison we had dinner near the apartment, of course, chattering all the way. It was a lovely day, a charming finish to my trip. 


2 thoughts on “Farewell New York City, for the moment

  1. I love your curly hair, the color too. I’m learning to live with mine; I think that’s a great life lesson for me! A charming wrapup to what seems like a great little break from Pgh!

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