Japan Itinerary and a volcano

I've been trying to plan my trip. On the second day I thought I would go to Mito, in Ibaraki to see one of the three noted gardens, which has a plum blossom festival in March. It can be a day trip from Tokyo.

Then I thought about getting on the train the next day and going to Kagoshima, at the bottom of Kyushu. Both places are supposed to be warm, which is what's tempting me. Yesterday morning I was greeted with the news of a volcano erupting in Kagoshima. It's a Mt. St. Helens type volcano, so lots of ash, no lava. Evidently ash has covered an area 5 km. around the volcano, and scientists expect the eruptions to continue for a year.

I hadn't planned to go to the volcano, but to several places nearby. I guess this will have to be a last minute decision.

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