Andy and me

We went to the Warhol Museum over the weekend with our visitors from New Jersey. It's not my favorite place, only rarely have I found things that interest me, but every visitor seems to want to see it. I was having a hard time explaining silk screens to one of our guests, so we all went downstairs to what they call the "weekend factory" where you can make a print from a silk screen. I also found that I could have my picture taken with Andy for only $2, a fantastic bargain considering he charged $25,000 to make your portait.

They stand you in front of a piece of green felt and you can see what the picture will look like on a monitor. The lights were in the wrong position for me, so I stood on a small stool, making me taller than Andy, but not as terrible as with the lights straight down at me. Here's the picture:

I think it looks like some of those 19th C. photos of ghosts, or astral projections. Of course, Andy is the ghost, but he looks more solid than I do. I would pay $5 to have Andy wearing one of those wild hairpieces and both of us in focus. Well, maybe the focus is too much to ask for.


3 thoughts on “Andy and me

  1. So funny. Yes, his crazyness still is a major influence on the art community thinking, but I seem to have moved far, far beyond him right now.
    Yes, maybe next time you too can wear blue and be a matching ghost. LOL

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