Nothing on the calendar

No blood test; no exercise (that was yesterday); no Christmas parties (not my holiday): nothing left but to finish that paper. I don't think I've ever worked so hard to get my ideas focused and into words. Most of it is finished; just the conclusion, pictures and captions, and a thorough rereading and editing. I should be able to get it posted before the end of the year. I guess my master's thesis was more work, but it didn't mean as much to me; I'm not sure my ideas were well focused; it was eight  years ago.

This is the time of year to look back. I started writing this blog five years ago–I'm rereading those early entries. Amazing how little has changed; exercise is still my number one obsession, but I've become more religious about it. Japanese art has been important through all five years–my first class was January 2006. I wrote a paper for that class, also.

Went back to Phipps yesterday, about 4 pm, so there was still some daylight along with the garden lights. Haven't looked at the pictures yet. It's after 10 am. Unusual for me, I'm still not dressed. I'll start rereading the paper, get dressed, write the conclusion, or go for a walk to think and then write the conclusion. That's today's agenda.

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