Exercise is I

Since my cardio-rehab program ended I've been diligent about going to the health club three days a week. (that's been one whole week) Yesterday was a beautiful day; I was feeling good; I went and did my thing, for a while. I began with 20 minutes on the treadmill. I was feeling so good I went a little faster than usual and slightly increased the incline. Great!

Then I got on the rowing machine and my arms and legs turned to rubber. I don't like the rowing machine; I find it the most difficult of all the exercises. So, deciding my mind was trying to get me to play hookey, I kept on for my usual ten minutes. Then I sat there. It's not particularly comfortable but I didn't even try to get up for several minutes. Finally, I got up and sat on the bicycle seat next to the rowing machine–slightly more comfortable. Eventually I made my way to the lounge and sat on the sofa for a long time. I'm not sure what was going on: possibly low blood pressure. After what seemed like a long rest I got up and went home, took a nap then finally got to most of the other things on the schedule, but I never did feel good.

This morning, feeling good again, I finished my workout at the club. I'm still not sure how bad things have to get before I ask for help. I would have been very annoyed with myself if I had gone to the hospital yesterday. What do I have to feel before I make that decision?

3 thoughts on “Exercise is I

  1. I think that no pain no gain is one axiom we would be well advised to ignore. When I’m at the gym and begin to feel strained, I walk away and do something with less strain. I think Mage, above, is right-on about calling the doctor’s office and ask that question. I see by the entry date I’m late–have had a guest and been away for a few days. Hopefully, you’re back on the right track by now.

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