Some days are good

Some are not. That seems to happen more and more as I get older. I heard Yo Yo Ma on Studio 360 this morning talking about his cello. He said humidity is different every day; cellos and human bodies are different every day. I really understand that.

Today is supposed to be the last great day we will have for awhile. It's truly beautiful out: sunshine, blue skies, not too warm. I've been walking for three and a half hours. First stop–health club. Since I faded out Wednesday, I've been more careful. Went again on Saturday but stopped after treadmill and rowing. I was feeling OK; just didn't feel like pushing it. Finished the workout this morning then kept walking. Took a book back to the library, went to Whole Foods for lunch, browsed in Borders, stopped for chocolate ice cream on Highland Avenue, then went to the Orchid Show in Mellon Park, finally back home. Altogether, I walked about four miles. I'm tired, my feet hurt but otherwise I'm fine. It's a great day.

Alice and Mage: I have discussed with the doctor the problem of determining how sick I am. Unfortunately, outside of collapsing or passing out, there are no black and white symptoms. So, it remains a matter of my judgment.

2 thoughts on “Some days are good

  1. Although it was already over by the time I got to read this, it really did sound like a lovely way to spend the day. As for judgment in exercising matters, may you have the wisdom of Job. I just go by what my body is telling me–have tried to do so since the RA diagnosis and my doctor’s lecture. I remember Pittsburgh winters–brrrrrhh–and wish you a lot more sunshine days–in spirit as well as weather.

  2. Great to know you perameters, and wonderful to know you did all that walking today. Thanks for telling us what the doc says. Drivers license back again, and I am heading for the pool tomorrow. I hope I get to keep it as I feel in control of my life again.

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