As I was saying…

The party was a great success: good friends, loving family, good food. What more could anyone want. Actually, I should have wanted less food. I'm afraid of what the scale will say at the rehab on Monday.

On Friday I went out with Robin and Steve and Dana and John, to the Museum of Finance on Wall Street, after which we walked down Broadway to Soho. It was a good walk, but not enough to make up for all the calories. Dana and John left us to go to a play with Renee; Robin, Steve and I met up with Charna and her Chicago roommate at a vegetarian restaurant, called Franchia. Good place.

Today, I was on my own. Charna is out with friends. R and S are in Jersey. Renee is still suffering, although not nearly as much. I went down to the village to another street fair. The vendors were much the same as last week, but I always enjoy people watching.





As I walking toward the fair I spotted these amazing towers looming overhead. I took lots of photos, trying to get something satisfactory, but didn't check out the building until I had walked through the entire fair, taking lots more pictures. To my amazement, the building is a branch of the New York Public Library. It's gorgeous, although you can't see much of it, aside from the towers, because of scaffolding. I visited three floors on the inside and looked through two scrapbooks about the building. Amazing place.


Back to Pittsburgh tomorrow. I've spent lots of time here reading about book making and looking at exhibits of artists' books. Now I want to get back to work.

2 thoughts on “As I was saying…

  1. All your photos are so vibrant!! Makes me see what you see at a street fair. Makes me want to go to one!! Glad you are there so that I can ses what NYC looks like. Maybe some day I will get there. I would love to go there with you as a tour guide!! Oh, that’s right, you are guiding us through your blog.Thanks.

  2. Yes, libraries and train stations of that period all seemed to look just like that. Clock towers, Romanesque towers, vaults….heavy stuff. I just wish they hadn’t torn so many of them down.
    Yup, they will probably chew you out tomorrow, but the trip was worth every pound. 🙂

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