Two weeks, already

Spent most of yesterday with Renee. The chiropractor told her to do more walking, less sitting, so we went out for several walks during the day: grocery shopping, lunch out, finally ice cream. You can tell where our heads are at.

About 5:30 i left her and went down to the Center for Book Arts to hear artists talks about the current exhibition. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening; I guess you could call it talking shop. I was not Robin's mother or Charna's grandmother or a heart patient: just another artist.  This is the kind of interaction I'm not getting in Pittsburgh. There probably are events like this. I just haven't found them.

Later in the evening Charna came from Chicago. Robin and Steve are driving in today. The party is tonight.

One thought on “Two weeks, already

  1. You are an artist first now. The children and grandchildren have flown away…no matter how they feel about it, and you now have your art in your hand. All the rest is secondary, I find.

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