Home again

Drove back on Sunday with Robin, Steve and Charna. Happy to be back and not moving. I've been going to the rehab. They never weighed me, but I haven't gained anything. Amazing! Ordered my new glasses, working on Photoshopping images, but otherwise don't have much ambition. Too hot again.

Here's a Photoshopped picture of Charna:

From this original:


Eventually, I'll put up another slide show with all my New York images.

1 thought on “Home again

  1. RYN: slide show questions, of course. Are you posting it here via Photoshop? Mine…G and I are going to pick up Roxio at Fryes this evening. It will make the slideshow and transfer it to a DVD or CD to play on the TV. I will let you know how it goes. My friend made a slideshow of the desert flowers and she had no problem with control.

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