Continuing New York

Saturday I met up with Sybille again and went to the Jewish Museum to see the Curious George exhibit. It's amazing to know these people went through so many terrifying episodes to leave Europe during the Second World War, but still retained their imagination, creativity and the ability to appeal to children.

Later in the afternoon I went out to New Jersey to visit with Robin's friends, Ron and Ilana. Two of the guests write art criticism for an online journal called Art They specialize in contemporary art, not exactly my cup of tea, but it was fun talking with them. I went from being Robin's mother to an artist in my own right. Very nice.

Sunday morning, for the first time in several years, I went to a street fair on Columbus Ave. There were some vendors I had not seen before, and of course, my old favorite: Mozzarepa, another guilty pleasure.



ove the lady's dress and hairdo.






Renee came home on Sunday afternoon in terrible pain. She had fallen during the night and hurt her back. I helped her unpack then went out for dinner with another friend.

Monday morning I met Mary over at MOMA to see the Matisse, then a nice visit over lunch. Finally, it was time for the appointment that brought me to New York: my contact lens optician. I will have new lenses when I get home and I have prescriptions for two different pairs of glasses, one pair to use without the lenses, one to go over the lenses. I went back to the apartment and brought dinner in for the two of us.

Renee is feeling better today. I went looking for papers for bookmaking, again, and actually found something I liked and could afford. Lunch was at an Indian buffet on 56th St. where I sat in the window and looked at this strange old building that fronts on 57th. I'm always fascinated by these seemingly forgotten bits of real estate in very high-priced areas.


After much walking I limped back to the apartment; a satisfying day.

2 thoughts on “Continuing New York

  1. That day seemed fun! Where else did you go? I noticed you talk about your contact lenses… How many have you had so far? It’s good that you regularly visit your optician. Is he your optician until now?

  2. The whole trip has been like having double whipped cream on your chocolate mousse. Matisse with the color and excitement of that great city. Galleries, papers….it’s all so tantalizing I’m almost breathless. How wonderful that you got to go.

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