The rain is here

And I managed to get back to the apartment before it began. The heat and humidity have really gotten to me, so I'm enjoying this brief cooling off. I didn't do much yesterday; met Jody for coffee for an hour, then an hour at the Strand Bookstore (air conditioned now, thank goodness), a small trek through the farmer's market at Union Square then subway back uptown. Not what I originally intended, but easiest by far. 

This morning I went to the Met and spent many hours enjoying their air conditioning. In fact, some of the galleries were freezing, but I have no complaints. The East Asian wing, my favorite, was closed until 11. While I waited I took some pictures of the wonderful arches in the oldest part of the museum. 

I found a new Tang dynasty horse I'd never seen before.

This wonderful embroidery, symbolizing longevity, was in a show about Chinese Birthday celebrations.  The blue grid is a reflection from the ceiling.

I went up on the roof to briefly warm up and found this huge
bamboo construction. It made me think of a roller coaster.

Sitting in the new installation of art from New Guinea I was amused to see several family groups come over to these masks and imitate the open mouth expression in their pictures.

I tried to go to the Picasso exhibit, but it was so crowded I just walked out. Here's my last look at the Met as the crowds poured in.


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