Day Six, New York

I meant to post every day, but can't seem to stick with it. Here's what happened in the last few days. On Sunday evening, I went out for lobster dinner with Barbara. I haven't had lobster in years, and I loved it. It's probably another one of those things I shouldn't have. Not because of the lobster, per se, but the butter. I was good, didn't use the extra quarter pound they gave us melted, but, nonetheless, there was butter on the lobster.

I'm so tired of the shoulds and shouldn'ts. Eating has gone from being a source of pleasure to just another maintenance thing. I'm hoping losing weight will make my legs feel better, choosing mobility rather than pleasure, but I've decided that when I'm 80, not so long from now, thin or fat, I'm going to eat cheese, fruit, bread and ice cream, exclusively.

Back to NYC: Monday the weather was decent, humidity was manageable, nice breeze, so I opted to walk around and do a little shopping. I took the subway down to 34th St., then walked up Sixth Ave., and visited all the bead stores. No, I wasn't looking for beads. I was looking for interesting fibers I might use for book binding. That's where my head is these days. I didn't find much, but it was a lovely walk ending in Bryant Park, one of the great places in NYC. Then some bus riding, more walking in the East Village, finally a nap back at the apartment, then dinner with Rose.


Bryant Park pics

I am fascinated with the thing at the top. No idea what it is.

I like the way those curves work together. 

Yesterday I met Phyllis at the Met. We started at the Picasso show, which I thoroughly enjoyed, then went to the American Woman, a Costume Institute spectacular. The thrust of the show was to equate women's independence with fashion–obvious nonsense, but a good show. Ended the day with dinner with Julia, at a nearby Indian place.  

Another Second Ave. subway pic. I've never seen a machine like this. 

4 thoughts on “Day Six, New York

  1. I like Bryant Park a lot myself. Did you happen to notice the store along a street next to it called GRACE? I always think of your friend (and my cyberspace friend) Grace when I see it. And when you turn 80 I know you’ll enjoy that new attitude and the food that comes with it. Sometimes I think we deny ourselves too many things that may or may not have anything to do with longevity but has great meaning for personal satisfaction. Does that make sense? It’s a great subject for a blogpost.

  2. Sounds like you are having a good time even with the weather, heat and rain. I would have liked that show American Women. YOU would have like the fashion show I had at my party. Every dress was pink or purple just for me. She had never done a show like that and never will. Sorry you missed it, but I understand. Glad you did make it later. I had your ice cream from the sundae bar I had!! I hadn’t been eating any deserts for a month before the party so that I could fit into that dress that was form fitting at the top, so it was great to have desert!! I am still eating cookies that we made for the party also pink and/or purple. Steve has had more than me. Slow down Steve!!

  3. I too am catching up at last. I’ve never seen Bryant Park and yes it is delightful. I want to ride the merry-go-round. 🙂 Yes, the top of the building is a ghost….I like it too. The curve in the building reminds me of the bottom of the Mondonock Building.
    Yes, that crane is probably quite new but certainly does have faint shadows of the ones used while building the Panama Canal. 🙂

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