Day One – New York City

The thing about living on the 28th floor is the lightning is right outside, not above you. Fifteen minutes ago I returned from a short walk. It was still hot and very humid, felt like walking in water. Now the skies have opened up, thunder is almost continuous, lightning is right here and lights from the cars reflect off large pools of water.

I arrived in NYC very early this morning: about 1:30 am, after an extra long trip on the Mega Bus, the one that advertises fares as low as $1. It wasn't the price that I found so enticing: it was the wi fi. I had this idea I would be able to use my computer throughout the entire trip. It didn't work that way. I was able to get connected, but through most of Pennsylvania there was no internet access. (Not much phone access, either, when you get right down to it.

The bus had trouble leaving Pittsburgh because of some kind of demonstration so we were most of an hour late before we really got started. The bus was OK for a bus, but trains are better: more leg room and walking space.

Now for the price: I've been planning this trip for a long time. When I first looked at the bus, I could have booked the round-trip for $3 ($1 each way and 50 cent service charge each way). By the time I made sure Renee wouldn't be here (so I wouldn't be walking in and waking her at 1 am), the price had gone up: $8 for the entire trip. Then Julia called and said she was making a birthday party for David and herself on the day I was leaving. Would I postpone my departure. Sure. That cost another $5. Then Robin asked why I wasn't coming home in time for Shabat dinner, Charna would be there. That change cost an additional $15 or $16. I think I've spent about $30 for these tickets: still a big bargain.

Ah, but we're not finished. Steve wants to come to Julia's party and Charna would like to come to New York (she's still in Chicago). I think Robin and Steve will drive, Charna will fly from Chicago, and we'll all go back in the car. Fine with me. I'm not sure I want to get back on that bus.

After a very late start, I spent most of today walking around the city. Work on the Second Avenue Subway still has the neighborhood torn up. I went to the Center for Book Arts and saw two great shows. Mage, you would have liked the poetry books. Not chap books, but wonderful ways of combining words and graphics. The other show had several pop-up books and other books with cuttings. They have artist talks on the next two Wednesday evenings. I may try to get back there. I took some classes there while I was living here. Wish I could do it again.

1 thought on “Day One – New York City

  1. Yes, I would have had a ball with the books. I love visiting New York anyway and would have so enjoyed tagging along with you. The WPA murals at the library too. Oh the endless delights that New York offers. All those delis. The Park…… just go have a great trip and tell all when you get home.

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