Cardio rehab

Much to my amazement I'm really enjoying the rehab three days a week. I look forward to going, instead of having those interminable arguments with myself about getting over to Club One. Not that Club One is bad. The rehab is like have a personal trainer, but one that monitors your heart, not just the way  you do your exercises. I think I like all that attention. Also, I work harder. Nothing like being accountable to someone.

It's interesting to speculate about why some of those people are there, especially the thin ones. After a lifetime of being told that fat will kill you I see as many skinny people there as fat ones. Did they have heart attacks, or just stents. I'll probably never know, but I have to conclude that being thin is no guarantee of anything. And even though I never returned to the dietitian, I've lost about 5 pounds.

Saturday I went on an Osher trip to Meadowcroft Rockshelter. The rockshelter is a fascinating archaeological dig documenting the oldest inhabited site in the new world. We were fortunate to hear a lecture by Dr. James Adovasio, the original excavator of the site. You can read a little about the controversy he generated at the link above.

Here is a picture of me with Dr. Adovasio, taken by Pat, our Osher program assistant. I told her I thought he looked like he was in pain. She replied that he was probably wishing I was 50 years younger.


1 thought on “Cardio rehab

  1. Oh, much better to go see the sites than hide in the cool. πŸ™‚
    Yes, thin is no guarantee of anything. I have a diabetic friend who is really thin. Loose weight they say to type two diabetics, but she has none to lose. I’m just glad you like going. I’m enjoying the water now… but it’s taken me a while to motivate myself. You look lovely by the way. πŸ™‚

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