Cooking and eating

For the first time in many weeks I cooked something: iced tea. Don't laugh at me. I consider this cooking because it involved a kettle, a teapot, a pitcher and finally, a glass with ice–and no use of the microwave. Maybe, after I get my hair cut this afternoon, I'll make gazpacho. I've been buying it, already prepared, from Whole Foods. I found it perfectly adequate until I read the label yesterday. Salt is the third item in a long list of ingredients. I was going to compare the relative costs of buying or making, but now I guess I have to make, regardless of cost.

I find myself ruling out increasing numbers of food items. After I went to the conference on women's health and the environment I decided to stop eating meat or poultry. (BTW, all of the conference presentations are now on the website if you are interested.) I haven't been entirely successful about the meat but I keep trying.

I stopped drinking soda (usually Diet Coke) the last time I was in Japan. They have hot or cold green tea in vending machines and I find that more satisfying. Too bad we can't get it here in machines.

All told, my diet has become less interesting. To some extent I've lost my zeal for eating, making it much easier to diet, but I still love ice cream, frozen yogurt and dark chocolate. What would life be like without that stuff!

8 thoughts on “Cooking and eating

  1. Just catching up on your blogs. Sorry it took so long, but my party took over my life. I have to tell you that I have been giving up deserts especially ice cream so that I could fit into my party dress. It was fitted on the top and full on the bottom. I didn’t want to loose weight, who cares, but I did want to fit into the never worn over ten year old dress from Kaurmann’s when I still worked there. I think it worked because I did fit into the dress!! And to celebrate having deserts again, Mostly all the food was cookies AND an ice cream sundae bar at the party!! Yummy!! Thanks for coming.

  2. Me again! I just spent the last 40 minutes or so watching the session from the conference by the “Death by Rubber Duckie” authors, Rick Smith and Bruce Lowry. All I can say is WOW! I wish I had time to watch all the other sessions but today I just don’t. But I sure am glad you’ve made the links available on your post. Thanks a whole bunch.

  3. Have you seen Michael Pollack’s FOOD MATTERS? It gives tips about eating healthy without giving up meat completely. Maybe it would give you more ideas…there’re certainly lots of good tips for cooking at home.

  4. Trader Joes….and probably Whole Foods, had a darn chocolate that sugarless. We are allowing ourselves two squares a day. Today I just gave in and ate a whole bag of theater M&M’s. I shan’t tell you how good they are. Yup, Whole foods also has a great veggie spicy cheese, combined with a little avo, you have a great sandwich half.
    Still eating chicken here, but slowly migrating over to healthy chicken VS regular supermarket chicken. Once a week, I give in and have a fast food hamburger….oh guilt.
    I too find only salsa’s bring soul back to foods. Try peach salsa over a chicken breast…..peaches, 1 pepper, a little red onion, and a little fresh cilantro. Hugs………..

  5. The New Basics cookbook has an excellent recipe for green gazpacho. A friend made it for me a few days ago, and I was immediately hooked. (In fact, it’s going to be my dinner tonight.) Might be another easy – and healthful – option for you.

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