Heat and other nasties

I am ready to spend the day in bed in my darkened, air conditioned bedroom. It's not going to happen, but for a few minutes I'll stay here with my little netbook. I can't find a really comfortable way to use it in bed. Leaning on my left elbow gets old very fast. Tomorrow it is supposed to rain and get a little cooler. That would be better; I'd like to go for a walk.

For months I've been having trouble falling asleep, but when I travel, no trouble. At first I thought it might be because I feel more secure with other people near me, but I didn't really believe it. Then there is the mattress question: do I need a new one? On this last trip I changed beds seven times, including one not wonderful sofabed. I had no trouble falling asleep. Back home, Monday night, after a very long, tiring, hot day, I was tossing again. I've been sleeping on two pillows at home; that seemed to be the only real difference. I took one pillow away: Fixed! I'm amazed that such a little thing could make a big difference.

I'm still working on books: another flag book this time. I feel this is a form with great potential. Google flag book to find some interesting illustrations.

3 thoughts on “Heat and other nasties

  1. Yes, mam, I will.
    So very glad you found a solution to your truly terrible problem. One pillow it is. I find a couple of flat pillows in my lap, and one of the old chair pillows at my back. It’s a really old, kapok filled pillow that works sturdily at my back to hold me upright. Hugs………

  2. Indeed pillows make a tremendous difference. I’m at that point in life where I take my pillow with me as often as possible (not so easy on air travel, but works well on car trips). At this moment, however, I’m having trouble sleeping–I think due to sinus problems perhaps exacerbated by the fall I took flat on my face when I was on the chemo. Didn’t help my already deviated septum at all, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the doctor suggests surgery. Fortunately a Tylenol PM helps a lot; I just don’t want to take it forever. Looking forward to seeing the new book(s).

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