Back home

just in time to do laundry, get a blood test, visit the doctor and get ready for another trip: New York in about 2 weeks. But…let me finish the last trip. After the wedding we picked up Charna who was returning from Peru (I am amazed at how international my family has become), then Robin and Steve dropped me off at Betty's and took Charna and the car to the south side of the city: no more parking problems. Betty and I went to dinner with her son and daughter-in-law to celebrate her birthday. Here is a picture of Betty and me at dinner.

On Sunday we went to the Art Institute to see another show about Louis Sullivan. This seems to be his year. This show had some of his wonderful drawing and mostly photographs of demolished buildings. Fortunately, several excellent architectural photographers concentrated on Sullivan's work before the buildings were destroyed.

Here is a last picture of the city; it was that silver tube that caught my eye.

And a few pictures of the lake from Betty's window.

Looking at Navy Pier and all the boats

As the sun sets shadows of the buildings appear on the water.

North Avenue beach and sunshine on the water.


And the doctor doesn't need to see me until December, but the blood tests go on and on.

2 thoughts on “Back home

  1. Oh, it’s good to see you and find you looking so good. Did you ask him why they continue on? Tell him you are leaving. 🙂 Quick, leave. LOL Maybe some of that traveling family can leave with you.
    Thank you for letting us pause and see the city with you.

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