The Wedding

I had a terrible foreboding of us three elders ancients, Richard, Robert and I, bringing our 58 years of memories together and being overwhelmed. I haven't seen Robert for 21 years and that was OK. But it didn't work that way. He didn't recognize me, or Robin. He was unusually quiet; his normal demeanor being loud voice and bad jokes. I only saw him smile once at this very joyous occasion of his son's marriage. I don't know what was wrong. 

Then I got very lucky, again. When we first sat down Robert and his other  sons weren't there; the empty chairs were next to me. I got up and went to the ladies room. When I returned I found the people who originally sat next to Richard had moved next to me. Robert sat next to Richard and across the table from me. My seat partner was the groom's stepfather, a lovely man I had met several times before. Memories abounded, but they were not unpleasant. Of course, none of us recognized each other. Time had clearly done its terrible work.

I had a chance to talk to Robert's other two sons, whom I hadn't seen since they were toddlers. One was particularly charming; I was pleased.

As for the wedding: the bride was beautiful (I think she is probably always beautiful); the ambiance was lovely; food was good; drinks abundant; music too loud; everyone had a good time. 

2 thoughts on “The Wedding

  1. RYN: I am a wimp, dear Ruthie. My problem is that I feel pretty good when I get in the pool, do my leg lifts, et al. I want to stay out of a wheelchair as long as I can, and unless I get off my wimpism and exercising there I will be. We are renting a power chair for Comic Con in two weeks. I can no longer walk the 8 to ten hours needed to see the show. G refuses to push me….as he did last year. We will see how I do in one. 🙂

  2. First, thank you for taking the time to leave us a note on my blog. G is back to the grind with full time effort job hunting Tuesday. I feel better….letting go of that wave of anger. We are going to catch up with things like blogs and friends.
    Yes, Sullivan’s work was wonderful, but he drank. It wasn’t just that he had a Jewish partner that he didn’t work more, he became very unreliable. Adler did great stuff too. He certainly did compensate for Sullivan’s consumptions.
    Perhaps there is something wrong with your friend such as dementia. Yes, he should have been smiling through out the whole thing. Following your links later in the day.

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