Back to the books

I'm sitting too much–too many classes. Took a long walk before class today: very helpful. Today was  Indian cinema, yes, Bollywood, Alice. We watched the last half of Dil Se (From the Heart), which we had begun last week. The hero, Shahnukh Kahn, was wonderful and sexy in a way that I don't feel about today's Hollywood heroes, so that was nice. But the film was very depressing, all about terrorists. Also, the class is three hours instead of the usual two, adding to my sittingitis.

On Sunday, I went to a book-making workshop where we made flag books and tunnel books. For a long time now, I've been thinking about making a tunnel book about the tunnel that goes under the convention center. Now I finally feel like I can do it. Here is the tunnel:

I need one more picture, which I'll try to get this weekend. Then I can make the book.

The flag book I made looks like this on the outside:

The teacher, Diane Maurer, brought all the papers so all of the basic books looked alike. Here is the inside of someone else's book. I didn't photograph mine.


I'm so turned on by the tunnel book I feel like I should skip all the classes and just make books. I'll make the tunnel book over the weekend, and I'm still working on the Japanese garden book. That may go on forever, especially since I'm thinking about going to see more gardens.

3 thoughts on “Back to the books

  1. Book making it right up your alley. Looks like fun too! Indian movies are often 3 hours long so we watch most of ours at home so we can take breaks as needed. Bollywood actually means “music and dancing” done to formulaic plots. Sounds like the one you saw today was one of the artsy ones. Some are wonderful, some just so so, but like most things depend on what you’re willing to put into the viewing. Looking forward to a peek at your book(s) soon.

  2. So sorry about the sititus….I so understand. Still, it is worth it all if you remain inspired the way you are now. Yes, I hope you take lots of pictures of the tunnel book. I’m really looking forward to seeing it.

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