School, again

Classes started last week. This is the summer semester, although it doesn't feel like it this week–rain and cold. I'm taking a class about mystery books that meets in an independent mystery bookstore; looks like it will be fun. At the very least I'll find out about new authors I'd like to read. Today's class is about Indian films, another area to explore. I have to remember to bring a pillow with me to sit on; chairs are too uncomfortable for long time sitting. Yesterday was archaeology of ancient Israel. I'm learning all sorts of things I never knew before.

Also signed up for a writing workshop, another round of digital photography classes, something about south Asian religion, two classes about Chinese and Japanese gardens and a workshop about making books. And I'm supposed to begin cardio-rehab at the end of the month. Obviously something will have to go; I can't make it all.

4 thoughts on “School, again

  1. Is that “Indian” movies as in Bollywood, or the cowboy and Indian type? The classes sound good, especially the writing workshop. It would be hard to eliminate any.

  2. I left a note in the wrong place and inadvertently started myself a typepad blog. LOL
    Yes, I too found myself with too many things to do and finally had to discard all but the poetry class and my volunteer work at the Cancer Society. The goal was to have more time to write, but I find and spare time magically fills up with “stuff” and I am left laughing. Cardio has to come first, darn it, but you can fit so much in around it. đŸ™‚

  3. Sounds like you are a lady with a very active mind. I don’t know either when you’re going to work in cardio-rehab. I do know I like people who are intellectually curious. I think you are one of those.

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