I’m beginning to believe in spring

Not much sunshine today, but nice and warm. I've been walking (2 plus miles) most days. A new round of classes are beginning. I'm learning about the geology of the national parks (Monday was parks with caves), contemporary art as explained by grad student creators, and today a class about Carmen. Also two movies and a meeting of the "digital imagers," a group who meet to talk about digital photography, occasionally using slides for their examples–a little strange. I'm supposed to be cooking this week: two friends coming for lunch on Friday and a dish for a potluck on Saturday. I think I'll buy for Friday, cook a wonderful pear and squash crumble for Saturday. I've made it a couple of times so I have confidence in it.

We are supposed to get rain tomorrow and the weekend. Lots of talk on TV about flooding. I wasn't here for the last big flood, 1996. I think I'm on high ground here. Years ago we had a basement that flooded with increasing regularity as the neighborhood got built up. In 1967, as the Israeli's were fighting the '67 war, Richard was working for an Israeli company as their American marketing agent. We were up to our ankles in water trying to clean it up when G's cousin called asking about his Israeli cousin. All we knew was what we heard on TV or radio. All we cared about at that moment was cleaning up the mess. Amazing how a little water can change your perspective.

4 thoughts on “I’m beginning to believe in spring

  1. What..you were cooking?? I thought that was against your beliefs!! Can I have that recipe?? If you can make it, I may be able to make it!!

  2. Its so different. I dont remember spring arriving before mid-April or even May. I remember snow in mid-April–unusual, but not really. Chicago never had spring. We went from winter to summer.

  3. …and for a change, we are supposed to be warmer with sunshine. Isn’t it fascinating how all of us are now weather focused when in years past we just accepted it all.

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