St. Pat’s Day

In my reply to Mage's comment about spring I forgot to mention St. Patrick's Day in Chicago. While it's true that Chicago mostly went directly from winter to summer the exception was St. Patrick's Day. It could snow on March 16 and/or March 18, but March 17 was always beautiful. I was certain Mayor Daley (Richard J., not the current one) had an in with the god of weather. The parade always marched under blue skies. Now that they've moved the celebrations to the weekend before, I don't know what happened in Chicago. It was a cold, rainy day here. Today is beautiful.

You can see a great photo of the 'green' Chicago River here.

3 thoughts on “St. Pat’s Day

  1. RYN: Oh, this is such a joyous gift. I can photograph these long time friends, put the images in an album, and send them to these special friends. I could never have afforded to do this on film.
    Hope life is slightly springy there….here we be flowers.

  2. Yes, it had to RJ Daley’s direct line. He got what he wanted in that city.:)
    Thanks for the comment. It was my first little booklette, and I will do better next time. You inspire me.

  3. Here’s the weather report from Chicago. You’re right on the mark. Today is gorgeous. Sunny, lots of blue sky and temps forecast in the mid 50s. (60s tomorrow!) And obviously the weather gods don’t like the fact that the parade has been changed. Saturday was gloomy, wet and cold. Happy St. Pats!

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