Sunshine and deep blue skies

Finally! Maybe spring will come again. It's hard to believe surrounded by all the great piles of dirty snow.

With any luck today should be my last day of Gigapan work. I've color corrected, then stretched and shrunk in order to stitch the four separate images together. Today we go back to the super computer and put the whole thing together, I hope. It was fun for awhile, but got tedious at the end. The files kept getting larger than the computer wanted to handle. I would do two or three keystrokes then wait for the computer to compute. I did a lot of Sudoku in between.

1 thought on “Sunshine and deep blue skies

  1. Yes, files that big that slow down a modern computer would soon grow very tiresome. It will be fun to just work with three or four of your own smaller images.
    Have you seen flowers budding out yet? Yes, spring is thinking about popping out here too.

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