More snow!

We have had more snow in February than in all of Pittsburgh's recorded history. It's not a record I'm enjoying. I stayed home most of yesterday; today I'm going to a film about Japanese kamikaze pilots. It's being shown at a school about 2.5 miles from here. I plan to try walking. I can always get on a bus, but walking would be good. I got two good walks in last week. It all depends on whether the sidewalks have been shoveled.

Pittsburgh has a law about pavements being shoveled within 24 hours.  After the big storm, now four weeks ago, the city suspended the law along with any other intelligent ideas about dealing with the snow. (Sometimes I think the mayor has suspended intelligence.) This time the city said walks have to be shoveled–tomorrow. I'll see how far I can get walking.

Here is another picture I put together yesterday. It's from a garden in Nikko, called Shoyoen, behind the Rinnoji Temple.


1 thought on “More snow!

  1. Oh, I hope you have teeth on your shoes. With my luck, I would spend the whole two miles slippin and a slidin to the movie. Hope I can jump back into the pool on Monday. It’s amazing how fast we wear out.

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