New York Wednesday

Metropolitan Museum day. We looked at Japanese and Chinese art, missed a show about Chinese lacquerware, and left with aching legs. Because of all the slush I've been constantly wearing a pair of Merrell fleece-lined boots. They keep my feet warm and dry and the gummy cleats on the soles keep me from sliding, but they're nowhere near as comfortable as the Merrells I usually wear. Sitting on the bus and subway to get to Columbus Circle was a treat.

Lunch at Whole Foods, more crowded than usual, then on to the Museum of Art and Design. This has always been one of my favorites, and I loved it even with aching legs. Their show Slash: Paper Under the Knife, is filled with wonderful cut paper creations. Take a look at the Teacher Resource for good photos of the conceptually most interesting works. We finished with Madeleine Albright's pin collection and then dragged ourselves back to the apartment to rest up before dinner, going to a place nearby that didn't require crossing a street so I could wear real shoes instead of the boots.

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