Christmas Day eve, New York

With only two, not so pressing things on my todo list, we went shopping, or I should say window shopping. I decided, while I was looking at new phones, that I really wanted another netbook. We went down to J&R Music Computer World so I could look at netbooks. They have the best selection I've found. I was so unhappy with that Asus I bought before I went to China I wanted to see, and try out, before I buy. Well, I'm still not sure. Asus has a new one that tempts me, but I still feel burned by them.

Julia met us in the store and we walked to Chinatown and had a lovely dim sum at the Chatham Square restaurant. Then we walked around Chinatown and down Canal Street, not as crowded as a summer day, but enough to send us back to the subway. On the way back to the apartment I stopped for my usual travel ritual: buy a new pair of shoes. This wasn't as bad as usual–just a pair of black Merrell's, which I had been planning to buy since I retired the last pair some weeks ago.

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