New York Tuesday

Very full day. We began with Hockney on 57th St. (He's in two places.) I wanted so much to love his work. I find it intellectually interesting–sort of–but I'm back to the question: what is great art? There was one piece, at Pace prints, I really admired. It was largely computer created and probably impossible to do without a computer program. Inspiring! (Hockney slide show) I like the pictures online better than the real thing.

On our way to the subway to go to Hockney two we passed an amazing gallery called Ana Tzarev. It was huge and filled with the work of Ana Tzarev, a woman I had never heard of. I'm not about to tell you I've heard of every artist, but the size and location of the gallery made me wonder about who bankrolled her. You can read all about her here and here. Amazing what you can do with money.

Hockney on 25th St. was a little more interesting. There was more work, more thinking about perspective, which of two paths to take, stuff like that, but no AH Yes moment, nothing to enter and get lost in.

Back to the subway to one more show, but first lunch. We stopped at Cosi's, a decent fast food place. Along with the ingredients for each dish were the calories. I must say it gave me pause: I selected my lunch very carefully and ate mostly vegetables. I'm not complaining. I was just amazed at how meaningful this was to me.

The last show was Serizawa at the Japan Society. I've known about Serizawa for years. His wonderful calendars were sold at Aiko's in Chicago. But I had no idea how prolific he was and how wonderful his work is.

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