Day after

Alice, you owe me a gold star. but, I'm just barely making it. It's 11:25 pm, I just got in and my eyes are closing. Went over to Robin's about 12 hours ago, had lunch (mostly not the left overs), then Renee and I went to a movie–An Education. We had trouble understanding the dialog–British accents, bad sound system–but the acting was good enough to hold our attention regardless. Came back for Shabat dinner (mostly the leftovers) then dessert (really great cakes) at a friend's. All in all another good day.

Mage, I was taking the picture; I'm not in it. My hair is still not entirely white.

I'll explain about Hanukah bushes next week.

3 thoughts on “Day after

  1. Where would you like your star? On your forehead where everyone can see it? I’ll dig around and see what I can come up with! πŸ™‚

  2. …and it’s shorter and curlier too.
    Now don’t read my blog for the next two days. You can start again anew after the first. πŸ™‚

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