Eating again

Another beautiful day in the 'burgh. When I left the house before 11 am I thought it would be cold and wore a heavy coat. We walked the dog, and it got warmer. Then we took a walk in Schenley Park and I was sweating by the time we finished. It stayed warm for an hour or so, then cooled off just as quickly. I think I need two coats for this kind of weather.

Renee and I went to lunch at Hokkaido, a seafood buffet, recently opened that I've been wanting to try. I still need an eating companion to go to restaurants with me, so I'm taking advantage of Renee's visit. The restaurant was good; I enjoyed the Chinese dim sum kinds of things and the sushi. I'd like to go back again soon. I try not to overeat at buffets; I just like the chance to taste lots of different things.

1 thought on “Eating again

  1. Coats and food. Layers, both of them. I actually own a long, wool, black coat…..only partially threadbare. I wore it when we went to Seattle. 🙂 Normally here I wear layers, just like I eat Thai food, then peel them and tie them here or there or in my backpack.

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