Great dinner

We had a lovely, small Thanksgiving: Robin, Steve, Charna, Renee, my Chinese ESL student and wife, and me. As usual Robin made enough great food for two or three times as many people. We'll eat well for the rest of the week. It was nice having my Chinese friends; they learned about American customs and we learned a lot about Chinese customs. I think I enjoy my ESL tutoring so much because I learn at least as much as my students. Here are some pictures from yesterday's visit to the farm:


The two donkeys were the cutest.



Black Angus pets.

Renee photographing our hostess's kitchen.

4 thoughts on “Great dinner

  1. So glad you had a nice small thanksgiving with the Angus and burros and wonderful friends too. Yes, I too was going to ask if that were you at the counter.

  2. I’ll be back tomorrow to award you a gold star–provided you post today and tomorrow too! I’m glad you’re having a good time with your friend. The farm around Thanksgiving meant to me going to the “Christmas tree” farm. So a wonder just popped up in my mind…I’m really not trying to be a jacka** (hee a farm reference), but do you enjoy Hanukkah Bushes?

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