Indian Summer

I'm not complaining, but it seems strange to have Indian summer in November. I took advantage of the sunshine and warmth and went for a long walk this afternoon. I keep thinking I ought to start going back to the health club, but I'll just keep walking with this great weather. Tomorrow is supposed to be equally good. I'll go to Frick Park and see what the leaves are doing. Today I walked on Penn Ave., past the crows at the Target site. There are mounds of gravel on the site now. I wonder where the crows will go when they actually start building.

Did you notice: I have posted every day this week. Three more weeks to go. Hope I'll get more interesting.

4 thoughts on “Indian Summer

  1. Don’t think of your posts as uninteresting. They’re not. Everytime you write something, anything, we get to know a little more about you. That’s how lasting friendships are made–a little at a time. I’m sorta learning a lot from this posting each day experience, which I’ll probably expound on more later. Only thing is I get behind on my reading and have to catch up at one sitting. That makes some of my comments off in time, but no less valid, I hope.

  2. keep up the good work. It affects my outlook to go to your site and find something new every day rather than the same-ole, same-ole entry for a week. You are never boring.

  3. I think you are just perfect with anything you say. I tried to walk around Balboa Park here yesterday and just felt terribly old and slow. I did get to see the Calder jewelry show….which was simply wonderful but encompassed the late 30’s through 1940. I wanted to see more.
    Yes, back to the pool tomorrow. It may take me a couple of weeks, but soon I will feel vastly more human.

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