Another summer day in November

One of my ESL students is a Russian Jewish woman, a doctor who left Russia because of anti-semitic persecution some twenty years ago, and went to Sweden to live . She now lives nearby and is close to me in age, only a few years younger. She's working very hard to learn English, goes to school four days a week and has at least one session with me each week. In spite of our language difficulties we have much in common; I enjoy being with her.

Taking advantage of another November summer day the two of us went for a walk in Frick Park. We talked as we walked, but it's harder to do both when you're not sure of the language, so we often stopped. My husband used to tease that I couldn't walk and chew gum at the same time. I guess I can't walk and listen carefully to broken English at the same time. When I walk with my neighbors I have no problem, but I don't listen so carefully either.


Some of the leaves are still up there.

I like the way the little tree is framed.

Sitting on that bench it seems like you can see the entire park, or one of the trails, anyway.

Yesterday's crows.

1 thought on “Another summer day in November

  1. It’s so nice to see you here. Light reading, caring friends too, on a day after struggling with my stuff I need comfort food. Lovely pictures……..thank you.

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