A this and that day

No class today. Mostly just worked on the usual household chores: laundry, monthly gas fillup, small amount of cleaning. Went to the doctor this morning for a 6-month check up. I was pronounced a healthy 75 year old with a minor cholesterol problem. I've decided I will give up worrying about the cholesterol thing when I'm 80 and go on a diet of bread, cheese and fruit. The rest of my life can be short and happy.

This evening I went to a lecture about health care reform given by a very impressive professor-doctor. He had a great analysis of the complex problems plaguing our system including the fact it will never get fixed until we find some way to elect our legislators without requiring them to spend all that money to get elected. I agreed with everything he had to say, but he really had no fix for all the problems. It was pretty depressing.

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  1. Thanks so much for your kind notes. I really appreciate this. I had no idea what would happen when I started writing about my personal journaling. The flood gates opened. It’s been a frightening journey even for a survivor.

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