Not so easy to post every day. It's getting late; I'm tired; I'll just give you a taste of what I've been doing. First, I'm taking a class about memoir writing. I'm not sure I want to write a memoir, but I like writing; maybe short stories. I'll tell you a story about me and Ayn Rand–tomorrow or later in the week.

I took some ESL training in September. Tonight I met my first students: two Chinese, one a medical researcher, the other a doctor. They are here to get more experience, learn about American culture and learn more English, although their English is quite good. We had a long conversation. Next week I'll try for more formal instruction. I am also working with my Somali refugee and a woman from Russia via Sweden. I really enjoy working with these people; I hope I'm helping them.

2 thoughts on “ESL

  1. Yes, like Mage says, you’re probably helping them more than you know. A lot of people I know are afraid of trying to talk with people from other countries. Imagine how lonely that would feel. Btw, I took the post a blog a day challenge too. Hope you don’t mind I mentioned yours.

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