Walking around Pittsburgh

I'm trying to post every day this month. My friend Kathryn says this is National Blog Posting Month. She's going to do it so I'll try also. I've been feeling guilty about how little I've been posting. Like Kathryn, I may be resorting to a lot of photos. Here are a few photos from some of my long walks.

Amazing leaves:



My backyard. Those golden leaves are making a carpet on the ground.


Walking home this afternoon I passed the site where the housing project was torn down and will eventually become a Target store. I was amazed to see all the crows. I wonder what they are using for landfill.


They flew away everytime I tried to get a closer picture.


3 thoughts on “Walking around Pittsburgh

  1. Glad I could inspire you, Ruthe. Like you I was finding it hard to sit down and post tonight–it’s late and I’m tired–but keep at it! Sometimes those “crunch-time, I have nothing concrete to say” blog posts yield the most surprises.
    I look forward to following you throughout the month.

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