Picture taking in Pittsburgh

I've been admiring these trees at CMU for awhile, but never thought to look closely at them until I saw a student taking this picture. Of course, I had to stop and look, even with the rain and darkness.


Sometimes Pittsburgh is just as beautiful as a garden in Japan.

Looking in the other direction there is a huge construction project to fix the sculpture, Walking to the Sky, which had evidently been threatening to take off. I missed a wonderful picture (another image for my museum of pictures I wish I had taken) last Thursday with all of these cranes and another machine emitting a cloud of steam. My excuse was rain. Here's one I took earlier in the week.


Here are a few more shots from around the 'burgh, because I like their geometry or their weirdness.


There is something surreal about that school bus. It's actually parked at the top of a parking lot, but it took me a while to figure it out.



My second favorite place in Pittsburgh, under the convention center. I've never seen the lights on before.

3 thoughts on “Picture taking in Pittsburgh

  1. More picture memories of Pittsburgh and that “allevard of the bullies.” Your eyesight may not be what it was, but your vision for interesting photographs is still there–the bus and that.

  2. Oh, the colors are wonderful in that tree shot, the school bus is a magic spot of color in the greyness, but the underground curving pathway is a magic road. It looks, in structure, a bit reminescent of the Tate in London. I wonder if one could just roll down the path.

  3. I LOVE the photo with the school bus–you couldn’t make those happen–you just got to be there and SEE it. That’s why you are an excellent photographer/

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