Podcamp 4: a great weekend event

This weekend was Pittsburgh Podcamp 4. The first
was a down home kind of thing concerned mostly with do-it-yourself
instructions for podcasting, blogging and using video. I had already been
blogging for 2 years and I wasn’t really interested in podcasting, but it was
fun. People were nice and I learned some new stuff. I never got to 2 or 3; I
was in Japan or somewhere. Podcamp has grown up and evolved. Five hundred people were signed up for this
one. The people are still nice, although much more businesslike than those
original geeky types. It all ran very smoothly and was much more sophisticated.
Technical discussions were limited or non-existent. Do-it-yourself concerned
using social media and focused on content, with lots of concerns about marketing. One of my goals in attending was to learn more
about Twitter. I did, not because there was a class about it, but whole thing
seemed to run on Twitter.

The most impressive presentation was given by Priya Narasimhan, a
professor at Carnegie Mellon. She just blew me away. I don’t know whether it
was who she is, what she is doing, or the fact that she became a sports fan
when she got to Pittsburgh, probably all three. This fandom has driven the product she created, Yinzcam, an enhancement, using your mobile device, to your ice hockey game experience. Here is a brief version of the speech she gave us, which I found on YouTube. She made this presentation in August. If they get her presentation up on the Podcamp website, it's worth watching. There's a lot more about edemocrary and iburgh.


The idea for iburgh, the second device she speaks about, evidently came from City Councilor Bill Peduto, who gave the keynote address on Saturday morning. He talked about using the information on the web to make government more transparent, something sorely lacking in the 'burgh. Peduto's presentation is also worth watching.

I met Amie, who sometimes comments on my blog. That was really fun. She's the second of my blogging friends I've met in person. Also took a class called "Refinding Your Blog Voice." Maybe it will help me post more often. All told a good weekend.

5 thoughts on “Podcamp 4: a great weekend event

  1. Thank you so much for your kind and touching comments about me and our technology. I am passionate about Pittsburgh, its people and its sports. What made the difference for us was the technology-savvy and forward-thinking Pittsburgh Penguins, an incredible sports team who gave someone like my students and I a chance to do so many unique things. Pittsburgh is big enough for opportunity and small enough to know everyone. Thank you for your compliments–they meant a lot.

  2. I remember sitting at the first Podcamp in a monatary session. It actually made me angry, because there was an attitude of “if you’re not making money, if you’re using YouTube for you distribution, you’re not doing it right”. While I’m looking at projects to make a living off of, I do it first and foremost for the love of whatever topic I’m working with, or else it isn’t worth it. I loved seeing the more passionate, non monetary minded, people in our Podcasting 101 session, though.
    We have been diligently posting the Podcamp videos over on the web site, Blip.tv, and Talkshoe. We actually do have Priya’s session in video and audio formats at http://podcamppittsburgh.com/2009/10/pcpgh-video-priya-narasimhan-yinzcam/

  3. It was wonderful getting to finally meet you! It was like finally meeting a relative I’ve gotten letters from, but never met. Thanks for having lunch with me!
    And PCPGH4 was so very different from earlier incarnations I’ve been to, as well. There definitely weren’t any sessions where folks could just sit around and create media on the fly any more. And the question, “How can I make money doing this?” came up in every single panel, regardless of the topic! Maybe it’s the economy that’s prompting that. It certainly wasn’t what we were talking about in the past two years. I’m very curious to see what next year brings.

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