Photos and Gigapans

I began writing this post on Sunday/ Even though I carefully followed instructions for embedding the Gigapans, I kept getting the wrong one in the post. The instructions didn't quite match the code, the the post kept rewriting the code on its own and I wasn't sure what to do. I've been mulling this over ever since. Tonight I decided to change a colon and a quote sign to an equal sign and voila!

I was able to borrow a Gigapan from my class and have been playing with it for 10 days already. The concept is easy enough: Gigapan and camera are on a tripod; set the upper left and lower right images; let the Gigapan do its thing. It's not that simple in practice. The camera has to be set up in a certain way and the Gigapan and tripod have mechanical problems; everything has to be just so and it has to be done quickly or the camera will shut itself off. (See what it looks like here.) I've shot hundreds of pictures, each Gigapan setup requiring anywhere from 24 to 147 images, with only a few good results.

Here is one of Pittsburgh's latest construction projects:

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FlashProxy.callJS = function() {}

This was originally the site of a Nabisco factory. Now it's becoming offices, retail and a hotel. The first panorama I wanted was my backyard. I got two bad ones you can see here. I'm not always sure the camera and Gigapan are working together; sometimes the camera isn't responding. The trigger piece on the Gigapan is flimsy, to say the least. I finally got a good one:

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FlashProxy.callJS = function() {}

3 thoughts on “Photos and Gigapans

  1. I won’t be getting one either. Once the class is finished so am I. I find
    the concept fascinating, and sometimes, like in the middle of a garden, I
    would like to make a panorama, but carrying the thing around doesn’t thrill
    me, and it really fit with my inner vision.
    On Wed, Sep 30, 2009 at 12:32 PM, wrote:

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