More on the aftermath

I'm feeling much better today. Still look awful; the purple color is moving down my cheeks and around my mouth. Gravity, doing its thing. I just put my contact lenses back in. I've been doing without since Friday and getting along fairly well, but each day my vision has gotten a little worse. The contacts put pressure on my corneas and smooth them out. When I remove the lenses the corneas slowly return to their distorted shape. For instance, I see better at night after a day of contact lens wearing than I will the following morning. Yesterday I was able to go to my stitch class on the bus–no problem. I could probably manage to get to class today on the bus, but I'd like to do some shopping: that requires driving, which I'm afraid to do without the lenses.

The real problem is my glasses. The glasses are progressives and give me the ability to see from near to far. The contacts, like my eyes, are set for far. The glasses still hurt when I wear them. BTW, they came through this largely unscathed. Amazing! There is a tiny scratch on the left lens near the nose piece and the frames are slightly worse for wear. I think they should be readjusted, but not until all the swelling goes down.

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