Another week flew by

Mage, I'm just fine. I still have some interesting marks on my face, but they're fading quickly. I've been concentrating on the book so too busy to write. Often I write things in my head as I go through the week. Most of it never gets put in type. Eli thinks some day we'll have a direct hookup from our brains to the computer. I'm not sure I want to see that.

I went to two of my classes last week: stitching and Rachel Carson. Never got to the third one, fabrigami. Instead, I went on an Osher sponsored bus trip to Amish country in Ohio. Spent most of the time on the bus stitching.

Finally got to the plastic surgeon as instructed by both the ER doc and my GP. He was great; looked at my nose, which looks about the same as always, assured me he would fix it if it came out crooked (no age discrimination just because I'm an old lady) and told me he wouldn't do anything in my case–exactly what I wanted to hear. Told me, using other words, this was a 'cover your ass' situation. Ain't American medicine great.

I come away from this experience, as I always do when I encounter our medical system, with many thoughts about it. When I finish the book I'll do another post about health care.

Since this one is for you, Mage, I'll tell you a little about shopping. The most exciting part of it is that I can now get into regular sizes. I'm still under tall, but that's a condition I can never fix. When I was in New York I bought one pair of black pants, two tee shirts, one yellow, one beige, and a jacket I haven't worn yet: white with a black print that almost looks like embroidery, all at Chico's.

Mostly I've been shopping in my own closet. Yesterday I went to Nordstorms with Robin and Charna. I bought, on sale, a very handsome pair of black pants and a black and white print top. This will be for fall. I hate to pay Nordstrom prices, but I like wearing their clothes. The pants are size 16. Years ago, when I was somewhat thinner than now, I would take a 14 or 16 top and 18 pants. That says much more about what's happened to sizes than what's happened to me. Also, the more you pay, the larger the size.

One last thing: I'm back to walking–three miles in Frick Park on Saturday. 

3 thoughts on “Another week flew by

  1. Ruthe, I do the very same thing–write posts in my head, usually when I can’t sleep at night, and promptly forget them next morning. And I’ve written some of my best prose driving alone on long distance trips. As long as there would be a switch to turn it on and off, I would like to see what Eli suggests come to pass. I would be a prolific author then!
    As for sizing, I always thought you more clothes cost the smaller the size. Seems to work that way for me. I wear an 8 in “designer” clothing, and a 10 everywhere else except the cheap stuff, then I need a 12. And could it be true that you shop in the tall section? You don’t look tall.
    Btw, I think you should keep directing your posts to Mage. I liked the tone of this one very much–it seemed more personal and off the cuff. And finally, were your injuries serious enough to require plastic surgery? I must have missed something somewhere.

  2. Good grief! What a harrowing experience…I am so sorry you have had to experience that! I am spending the next bit getting caught up…looks like I have missed loads of news! Glad you are doing better and the heart monitor ordeal turned out ok…

  3. Hurrah hurrah……..what a wonderful dialogue. Thank you so much for all the news. Glad the book is moving along. I too am shopping but at thrift stores for size 20…..darn it. Something light for my top. I too love Nordies, and here we have a Nordies Rack. I love to shop there but not when G is unemployed. You sound in fine physical fettle even to stiching on the bus.
    I’ve begun a new book project too. Scanning all my personal cookbooks with mother, grandmother, and great grandmother’s recipes in it for my eldest. Having something with these women’s handwriting on it makes it more important. Don’t know what I am doing about the outside tho.
    Think of you often… pleased about the nose.

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